User-friendly controls with industry leading performance and efficiency

Get the best performance from your solar system with the right control solution. Now choose from a full range of controls for every level of application!

  • SCU 124 for basic single-load systems
  • SCU 224 for basic multi-load systems or east-west arrays
  • SCU 345 for multi-load, east-west and commercial arrays
  • Communication accessories for data logging and system monitoring
  • Solar Divicon mounting kit accessory for SCU controls

Viessmann solar controls are capable of managing a wide variety of applications – from basic to very complex and give you the versatility and the power to meet the various system design requirements.

SCU 124/SCU 224 solar system controls for basic single- and multi-load systems

The SCU 124 and SCU 224 solar system controls are ideal for basic systems with two semiconductor relay outputs and four sensor inputs. The single-load SCU 124 control features three basic, preprogrammed system configurations for easy planning and installation. For basic multi-load systems or east-west collector arrays, the SCU 224 control is an ideal choice. It features an additional delta-T for control of second relay, as well as 10 preprogrammed system confi gurations for ultimate installation flexibility. 

SCU 345 solar system control for multi-load, east-west and commercial arrays

The SCU 345 is an advanced solar system control for multi-load systems, east-west collector arrays and commercial solar systems. This advanced solar system control features four relay outputs and adjustable delta-T and time controlled thermostat functions for limitless confi guration possibilities. The SCU 345 control is compatible with a number of system accessories designed for system monitoring, analytics and additional control.

Solar Energy Meter

With input from the V40 Flowmeter and two system sensors, the Solar Energy Meter (SEM) records the energy yield and flowrate produced by your solar system. Heat quality calculations displayed on the large screen are also stored in the internal memory or transmitted to the Datalogger or PC using VBus communication.


The following new V-BUS accessories are available for SCU solar controls


Smart Display

Indicates collector and DHW tank temperature and solar energy yield (kWh)



Captures system operating details for analysis using ServiceCenter software


USB Interface Adaptor

Comes with ServiceCenter software to view system activities and performance in real time


V40 Flowmeter Kit

Includes two sensors and two sensor wells. For use with SCU 345 or SEM.


A perfect match – System technology

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." According to this philosophy, Viessmann does not just make individual heating equipment components that meet the high Viessmann standards for quality, reliability and effectiveness. Rather, all products are part of a matching concept, where all components complement one another. Only the perfect interaction of system integrated components draws out the maximum potential of our innovative leading technology.

Viessmann system technology includes everything you need for a reliable and economical heating system. The Vitotronic control unit with remote control, the powerful Vitocell DHW tanks for best DHW convenience, to high-quality solar thermal systems for cost-saving heating.