Viessmann to showcase new products at upcoming product reveal

Warwick, RI June 01, 2021

Hydronic heating manufacturer Viessmann has announced it will introduce its newest products at an upcoming virtual event on June 17th, 2021. This release is expected to highlight new boilers in the popular Vitodens line, along with new digital applications for homeowners and contractors.

Products on Display

The product reveal will feature the newest generation of Vitodens condensing boilers, which will be available in July of 2021. The new Vitodens 100, available in both combi (B1KE) and heat-only (B1HE) models and the new Vitodens 200, B2HE offer the highest levels of efficiency and performance thanks to Lambda Pro Plus combustion control. This proprietary technology from Viessmann offers clean combustion, 10:1 turn-down ratio, and quiet operation with either propane or natural gas, which can be changed at the push of a button.

Both new offerings in the Vitodens line are available in a range of sizes and MBH outputs to suit a wide range of residential applications. Additionally, up to fifteen (15) Vitodens 200, B2HE units can be cascaded for commercial applications of all sizes.   Modern user-interfaces - including a 7” touchscreen display on the Vitodens 200 - allow for easy operation by the homeowner, and incredibly simple commissioning from the contractor.  

Crucially, all models of the new Vitodens will include WiFi connectivity right out of the box, and are ready to pair with the new Viessmann digital tools.

Digital Offerings Coming to Viessmann

At the upcoming reveal, Viessmann will also announce a new digital ecosystem, which includes the ViCare app for homeowners and the Vitoguide tool for installing contractors.  

Vitoguide is Viessmann’s revolutionary, time-saving digital application for heating professionals. The Vitoguide app allows installing contractors to commission the new Vitodens boilers right from their mobile device - simply, quickly and safely. It eliminates a number of manual processes and saves valuable time on the job site. (An on-board HMI option is also available for contractors that prefer a more traditional commissioning experience.

With Vitoguide, an installing contractor can choose the boiler control language, automatically change the fuel and altitude settings, and even fill the boiler with just the press of a button, among other functions. The benefits don’t stop at installation: with Vitoguide, heating contractors will also be able to remotely monitor and service the connected boilers (with the system owner’s permission), stay in touch with their customers, and receive service alerts and scheduled maintenance reminders.

For homeowners, Viessmann offers ViCare: a unique, all-in-one solution that allows users to control their heating system via any connected mobile device. With a simple user interface, ViCare makes operation intuitive and accessible on demand. The app-based tool provides instant feedback and alerts about changes in the status of the connected Viessmann boiler. Users can see at a glance whether everything is functioning properly, is due for routine maintenance, or needs service. Fuel use and savings are also tracked in order to monitor the system owner’s return on investment year after year.

For more information regarding the aforementioned products and digital tools, please register for the upcoming reveal; sessions are available at numerous times throughout the day of June 17th to allow for all schedules. Registration is free and available at:

For more information regarding new or existing Viessmann products, contact your local sales representative, or visit

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