Solar Controls

User-friendly controls for solar systems

Differential temperature controls with industry leading performance and efficiency.

Uses VBus communication
Compact and wall-mounted
Energy metering functionality
Variable speed pump control

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SCU 124 control

For basic single-load solar systems.

DeltaSol BX control

For multi-load, east-west and commercial arrays.


A number of VBus system accessories are compatible with the DeltaSol BX.

Solar Controls

Get the best performance from your solar system with the right control solution. Now  choose from a full range of controls for every level of application!

Viessmann solar controls are capable of managing a wide variety of applications  – from basic to very complex and give you the versatility and the power to meet the various system design requirements.

SCU 124 solar system control

The SCU 124 solar control is ideal for basic systems with two semiconductor relay outputs and four sensor inputs. The single-load SCU 124 control features three basic, preprogrammed system configurations for easy planning and installation.  

DeltaSol BX  solar system control

The  DeltaSol BX is an advanced solar control for multi-load systems, east-west collector arrays and commercial solar systems. This advanced solar system control features four relay outputs and adjustable delta-T and time controlled thermostat functions for limitless configuration possibilities. The  DeltaSol BX control is compatible with a number of system accessories designed for system monitoring, analytics and additional control.


Sample system layout

  1. Vitosol solar collector
  2. Solar-Divicon
  3. V40 Flowmeter Kit
  4. Temperature sensor
  5. Vitocell solar tank
  6. Motorized diverting valve
  7. DeltaSol BX control

Product details

Number of relay outputs

2 for SCU 124
4 for DeltaSol BX

Number of sensor inputs

4 for SCU 124
5 for  DeltaSol BX

Number of system configurations

3 for SCU 124
26 for  DeltaSol BX

Number of heat loads (tanks)

1 for SCU 124
2 for  DeltaSol BX

Number of differentials

1 for SCU 124
2 for  DeltaSol BX

Internal SD card slot

Not available for SCU 124
Standard for  DeltaSol BX (SD card is included)

Flowmeter option

Not available for SCU 124
Compatible with  DeltaSol BX

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How can we help?