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Vitodens 222-F Boasts Simplified Installation and Newly Included Piping Kit

The Vitodens 222-F - a single footprint, high-efficiency space heating, DHW production and hot water storage system - now includes a side piping kit for even easier installation.

Product Update

The Vitodens 222-F is a high-efficiency space heating, DHW production and hot water storage system - all-in-one single-footprint unit. With a complete side-piping kit, the 222-F offers quick and easy installation, thanks to pre-installed pressure and temperature relief valves, a fully enclosed heating expansion tank, and built-in 3-speed DHW and space heating pump with diverter valve.

Previously, piping kits were sold as add-on items for the B2TB. After performing field surveys, Viessmann has decided to include a complete side-piping kit with every Vitodens 222-F to further simplify an already quick and easy installation, cutting down on labor time and reducing costs.

The Vitodens 222-F is the most complete solution for residential heating and DHW, combining a highly efficient (95% AFUE) gas condensing boiler with integrated 26 Gallon titanium-stabilized stainless steel DHW storage and instaneuous performance into one floor-standing unit.

Its unique, all-in-one design offers the benefits of a boiler and standalone DHW tank, but requires only a small footprint and offers convenient installation. With rated input of 12-125 MBH and offering a 6 GPM DHW flow rate* along with effective and efficient space heating, the 222-F is ideal for most residential applications.

Other features of the Vitodens 222-F include:

  • leveling feet for easy set-up in basement boiler rooms
  • zero clearance to combustibles
  • Vitodens 200 Series control with easy-to-use Startup Wizard
  • multiple venting options, with up to 200 feet of combined length venting (refer to installation guide)
  • consistent DHW delivery with reduced temperature fluctuation and cycle times
  • Lambda Pro Intelligent combustion system
  • 26 gallon titanium-stabilized stainless steel storage tank with a lifetime warranty to original owner (refer to product warranty for details)
  • ViCare capability for remote access via ViCare App (optional)

The Vitodens 222-F, with included left or right side piping kit, is available from Viessmann wholesalers nationwide.

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Please contact your local Viessmann representative regarding availability.

*6 GPM flow rate for the first 10 minutes up to 60 gallons draw, then 3.3 GPM continuous after that

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