Smart home solutions and smart heating technology

Save energy and stay in control with intelligent technology from Viessmann

A smart home is a building that contains a range of intelligent  appliances which can be remotely controlled and monitored over the internet. There are a wide variety of smart  appliances available today, from  boilers to doorbells, lighting and security systems, and much more.

In a fully coordinated smart home system, energy flows can be measured and monitored over a long period of time, allowing for potential savings to be discovered and tracked.  There is often a large amount of energy that can be saved using this technology, since a significant proportion of the energy required in a home is used to generate heat.

Viessmann  smart boiler controls allow you to manage your home's heating schedule and other settings from your smartphone or tablet with total ease. With our smart apps, you can enjoy full control over your heating system from the comfort of your sofa. And when you're away from home, you can check the status of your system remotely,  giving you peace of mind knowing that everything is up and running, no matter where you are.

How a smart home works

Describing it in simple terms, a smart home works on the principle of input, processing and output. How this looks in practice is best explained using the Viessmann ViCare app as an example.


The app is started on a smartphone and it displays numerous functions, including setting the desired temperature. By tapping on a button, the user issues a command to change the temperature.


The command issued by the user to change the temperature is sent by the app over the internet, and is received by the smart boiler control via WiFi. The control then processes this command.


After processing, the command is run with the help of an output device. In this example it's the heating system, which transports hot water to the radiators until the specified temperature is reached. Depending on the output device used, the user is informed about the progress of their command.

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Advantages of a smart home

One of the best ways to save energy is with smart and efficient heating technology. Intelligent heating systems from Viessmann are characterized by their high efficiency and reliability, as well as their thoughtful design for use in smart homes. In just a few steps, modern Viessmann boilers can be connected to the internet and transformed into an intelligent digital heating system. It's also possible to easily retrofit many of our older boilers with a Vitoconnect Wi-Fi module, to enable smart home functionality for these existing systems.

Increased convenience with remote control

In addition to cost savings, Viessmann smart home technology also makes the system very easy to use. For example, residents no longer have to go to the thermostat to manually adjust the temperature – a single command on the smartphone app is all that's needed.

For those who travel often and want to come home to a cozy, warm house, remote control via the ViCare app offers the ideal solution. Alternatively, you can use the new geofencing functionality to automate your system – using the GPS data of the connected smartphones, the system recognizes the current location of the residents. And when they approach their home, the rooms will automatically be heated to their desired temperature.

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Peace of mind with remote monitoring

Intelligent applications such as the ViCare app help keep you up to date at all times, and inform you in advance when maintenance is required, reducing the chances of you being in a no-heat situation. When the system is running optimally, the background of the app turns green. A yellow background, on the other hand, indicates that maintenance will be needed soon. Red indicates that assistance is required from your heating contractor. You also have the option of allowing your contractor to monitor your boiler remotely via our specially developed ViGuide software, and this will allow them to be automatically notified if your heating system runs into any problems.

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How can we help?