High quality system technology

Pumping stations for closed loop solar systems.

Compact and wall-mounted
Available in two sizes
Leak tested and fully insulated
Includes 3-speed solar loop pump

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Pre-assembled and wired

With high-quality brass fittings and essential safety devices.

Essential link

Between high-performance solar collectors and the storage tank.

Wide suitability

Suitable for residential and commercial flow requirements.


Ensure maximum system performance and reliability with a Solar-Divicon pumping  station from Viessmann. Choose from a range of stations to satisfy a variety of solar applications.

The Solar-Divicon pumping station is designed to be used with a closed loop solar circuit which is connected to a solar tank with an internal coil heat exchanger.

Product details

Solar circulation pump model

Wilo Star S16 U15-130 for Solar-Divicon DN20B
Wilo Star 30-U25 for Solar-Divicon DN25B

Flow meter setting range

0.8 to 6 USG/min (3 to 22 L/min) for Solar-Divicon DN20B
1 to 10 USG/min (4 to 38 L/min)  for Solar-Divicon DN25B

Max. pressure

87 psig (6 bar)

Max. operating temperature

248°F (120°C)

Max. propylene glycol content


Pipe connections

¾ inch  for Solar-Divicon DN20B
1  inch  for Solar-Divicon DN25B

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How can we help?