Vitocrossal 200, CI2

The new ultra-compact addition to the Vitocrossal Family of gas-fired boilers with unprecedented power density.

The Vitocrossal 200, CI2 is a versatile central heating system offering a highly efficient solution for custom residential, as well as various commercial applications. With 6 sizes ranging from 399 MBH - 2,000 MBH, this gas-condensing unit can be cascaded for needs up to 32,000 MBH.

With a 30% reduction in overall size, the Vitocrossal 200, CI2’s compact dimensions facilitate the replacement of old systems even in tight spaces, requiring a footprint of less than 9.9ft2.

Lambda Pro Plus with Self Calibrating Active 02 Trim automatically adjusts to multiple vent options and lengths, gas type and quality right out of the box; no calibration required. The Viessmann-made modulating MatriX cylinder burner offers extremely clean combustion with up to a 30:1 turndown ratio, and meets Low NOx requirements.

Integrated rollers and easy transport pallet with a ramp allow transport of the boiler to any installation site with no lifting gear required.

The LAN and WiFi interface, allows the system to connect directly to the internet for seamless integration with the ViGuide* ecosystem with onsite and remote connectivity via smartphone or tablet. ViGuide* offers guided commissioning of the boiler, eliminating complex manual parameter settings, and allows remote viewing of the system for timely repairs.


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How can we help?