Vitotrans 300

Reliable domestic hot water – all day long!

Vitotrans 300 is a packaged high-performance, high-output DHW heating station, designed for commercial applications requiring high volumes of domestic hot water. DHW flow rate: 5 to 180 GPM.

High-output on-demand DHW
Compact footprint
Ideal for commercial applications
Pre-assembled unit

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DHW heating unit designed for applications requiring large volumes of hot water, such as hospitals, resorts, hotels, etc.

Cost savings

One Vitotrans 300, S3HA-60 could replace the need for fourteen 119 USG DHW tanks.

BMS ready

BACnet (IP) communication for easy integration into building management systems.

Compact design

And packaged solution for minimum footprint and hassle-free installation.

Peace of mind

Double wall heat exchanger(s) with leak protection option available (D3HA Series).

Flexible installation

Can be installed into new or existing hot water heating systems.

Endless domestic hot water for commercial applications

Vitotrans 300 is a compact, preassembled and self-contained domestic hot water (DHW) heating station, designed to provide large volumes of instantaneous hot water to commercial applications, such as hotels, resorts and recreation complexes, hospitals and industrial facilities. Vitotrans 300 works seamlessly with any new or existing hydronic heat source to provide a reliable and consistent supply of endless hot water at flow rates of up to 180 GPM.

Save money

Vitotrans 300 eliminates the need for dedicated DHW heating boilers, batteries of direct or indirect-fired DHW tanks, or cascades of tankless water heaters for maximum cost savings.

Save space

The unit's compact footprint (approx. 14 ft.²) makes the Vitotrans 300 an ideal choice for limited-space installations, preserving valuable real estate for other purposes.

Eliminate downtime

In multi-heat exchanger models, each heat exchanger can be individually isolated and serviced without interrupting system operation.

Brazed plate heat exchanger (single or double wall)

Maximum efficiency

The Vitotrans 300 is capable of producing DHW at over 96% efficiency. Furthermore, Vitotrans eliminates the need for a separate system dedicated to DHW production, thus lowering total energy requirements of the facility, resulting in a long-term increase in overall system efficiency.

Maximum life expectancy

The burner-less design of the Vitotrans 300, combined with a descaling pump result in low thermal stress and sediment build-up within the heat exchanger(s), ensuring minimal maintenance and prolonged service life.

Easy installation and service

The Vitotrans 300 is designed to accommodate a large ΔT, allowing quick and easy installation into any new or existing hot water heating system, requiring minimal piping or wall penetrations. All enclosure panels can be easily removed for service giving access to the entire unit for fast, efficient service. In multi-heat exchanger models, each heat exchanger can be individually isolated and serviced without interrupting system operation.

Enclosure panels are easily removed for direct access to all componentry

Advantages of the Vitotrans 300

Up to 3 integrated brazed plate heat exchangers provide built-in redundancy, eliminating downtime during heat exchanger maintenance.
Pre-assembled unit with easy access to all componentry via concealed latched side panels.
On-demand design provides consistent flow rate all day long.
Sanitation function helps maintain maximum water quality.
Zero clearance to combustibles make it a great choice for limited-space installations.
Integrated variable speed boiler supply/return circulating pump.
Integrated de-scaling pump, ultrasonic flow sensor and drip pan.
Quiet performance: Engineered and balanced for quiet operation.

Look inside the DHW station

Cross section

  1. Color touch screen interface
  2. Brazed plate heat exchanger(s)
  3. Variable speed system pump(s)
  4. Ultrasonic flow sensor
  5. Integrated drip pan with drain
  6. Integrated de-scaling pump

Product details

Heating input

2100 MBH (615 kW) for S3HA-30 &  D3HA-30
4200 MBH (1231 kW) for S3HA-60 &  D3HA-60
6300 MBH (1846 kW) for S3HA-90 &  D3HA-90

Max. DHW flow

60 GPM (227 L/min) for S3HA-30 & D3HA-30
120 GPM (454 L/min) for S3HA-60 & D3HA-60
180 GPM (681 L/min) for S3HA-90 & D3HA-90

Max. boiler supply temperature

230 °F (110 °C)

Max. DHW supply temperature

210 °F (99 °C)

Max. operating pressure

150 psig (10.3 bar)

Power supply

240 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 20 FLA

Weight (dry)

1037 lbs (470 kg) for S3HA-30
1123 lbs (509 kg) for  S3HA-60
1273 lbs (577 kg) for  S3HA-90
1082 lbs (491 kg) for D3HA-30
1223 lbs (550 kg) for D3HA-60
1408 lbs (639 kg) for D3HA-90

Overall dimensions


73¾ inches (1896 mm)


26½ inches (673 mm)


62¼ inches (1584 mm)  


Limited 2 year warranty. See warranty sheet for details.

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