Viessmann “wins” new customers in Nashville

The Viessmann US sales team recently participated in the 2018 Winsupply Annual Meeting and Vendor Showcase, a multi-day event hosted in Nashville, Tennessee, the city famous for country music and the legendary Grand Ole Opry.

Viessmann US Vice President, Sales Director, Stephen David and President & CEO, Michael Luz discuss Viessmann products with Andy Holmes

Winsupply, a national wholesaler of HVACR products, invited Viessmann along with other select HVACR vendors to their annual meeting to showcase Viessmann’s premium products and to network with hundreds of Winsupply’s national store presidents. Viessmann was also there to attend joint session conferences and conduct one-on-one meetings.

Viessmann generated a great deal of customer interest and traffic in the Viessmann booth with buyers seeking high performance products. Viessmann featured popular residential and commercial gas condensing boilers and direct hot water tanks, including the Vitodens 100-W B1KA and B1HA boilers, Vitodens 200-W Cascade System, Vitocrossal 300 CU3A floor standing boiler and Vitocell 300 DHW tank.

The event enabled Viessmann to open new geographic markets in the US, expand its presence across the USA and strengthen existing customer relationships in the Winsupplynetwork. Feedback from Winsupply about Viessmann was consistently positive: Viessmann provides high quality, superior performance and overall excitement to have Viessmann in their product portfolio.


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