Vitosol Series

High performance solar panels from Viessmann

Our high-quality solar collectors deliver solar energy efficiently and reliably year after year, and are suitable for all types of solar thermal installations.

Vitosol solar collectors

Use free solar energy for heating and domestic hot water with the Vitosol solar thermal product family. As an environmentally friendly heating solution, solar thermal systems are becoming an increasingly popular addition to new heating systems. They are most commonly used for domestic hot water (DHW) and pool heating applications, but they can also be used to support existing boilers in providing space heating. With the addition of a Vitosol solar collector, you can potentially save up to 60% of the energy used for DHW heating.

Whether they're added to a new heating system or a modernization project, Vitosol solar collectors are an investment in the future – they are very beneficial for the environment and they also lower your yearly energy costs. These collectors convert solar energy into heat without emitting carbon dioxide, to create clean CO₂-neutral heating.

What makes Vitosol collectors special?

Viessmann's patented ThermProtect technology makes Vitosol collectors truly unique and innovative. ThermProtect is an intelligent absorber layer that protects the collector from overheating, by "switching off" the solar collectors when they reach a specific temperature. Temperatures of 167°F (75°C) and above cause changes in the crystalline structure of the absorber layer, increasing the rate of heat radiation and reducing the collector output. In this way, ThermProtect significantly lowers the max temperature inside the collector and prevents steam formation in the solar circuit.

When the collector temperature is lowered, the crystalline structure reverts to its original state. More than 95% of the incoming solar energy will then be absorbed and converted into heat. Only the remaining five percent is reflected. There is no limit to the number of times the crystalline structure can reverse, making this function available at all times.

Utilize the Sun’s Natural Energy 

With Viessmann solar collectors, you can harness the natural, sustainable, clean energy from the sun to generate heat. A solar thermal system is the ideal addition to any heating system; it can reduce energy consumption and help you to save money long term. For example, you may be able to offset your DHW heating costs by as much as 60% and reduce your C02 emissions by up to 1 ton per year.

Sustainable heating for generations to come 

When it comes to environmental protection, you'll be on the sunny side of the street with Viessmann solar collectors. When a detached house uses a solar collector system, it produces, on average, about three quarters of a ton less carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, creating sustainable heat for families for generations to come. 

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How can we help?