“Boost your Earnings New Jersey” 2024 Contractor Gift Card Promotion Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the terms and conditions (“Terms”) governing your participation in the “Boost Your Earnings New Jersey” 2024 Contractor Gift Card Promotion (“the Promotion”) offered by Viessmann Manufacturing Co., (U.S.) Inc. (“Viessmann”).   By participating in the Program, you agree to abide by these Terms. Please read these Terms carefully.  


The Promotion is open to mechanical contracting businesses who are legal commercial entities in the United States (“USA”), that purchase Eligible Product(s) (as defined below) from a point-of-sale in the State of New Jersey, with participants who are at least the ages of 18 years of age or older at the time of participation in the Promotion, and that are mechanical or Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (“HVAC”) contracting businesses whose primary business is the installation of HVAC equipment (“Eligible Participant”).    

Eligible Participants during the Term (see section “Term”) of the promotion (subject to all Terms and restrictions herein) will receive an E-Gift Card(s) in the form of an Amazon® E-Gift Card for each of the following eligible products:   Vitodens 100 B1HE/B1KE, Vitodens 200 B2HE, Vitodens 222-F, Vitocrossal 300 CU3A, and Vitorond 100 VR1 Boilers, and Vitocell 300 EVIB/EVBB indirect-fired domestic hot water tanks (“Eligible Product”) purchased during the Promotion Term. The exact value per Eligible Product purchased during the Term that will receive an E-gift card disbursement is detailed in section “E-Gift Card Disbursement Amount”.  

“Boost Your Earnings New Jersey” 2024 Contractor Gift Card Promotion is only available for Eligible Products purchased in the state of New Jersey.   Promotion is not available in any other location.    


Eligible Product purchased between 12:00:00 AM Eastern Time May 1, 2024 and 11:59:59 July 31, 2024 Eastern Time will be eligible to receive an E-Gift Card Disbursement under this Promotion as noted in section E-Gift Card Disbursement Eligibility.

Viessmann will consider and accept any valid redemption request by an Eligible Participant of an Eligible Product purchased within the Term of the Promotion, subject to the Terms, that is made by 11:59:59 PM August 30, 2024. Any redemption request received on or after 12:00:00 PM August 31, 2024 will be considered invalid and will not be eligible for an E-Gift Card Disbursement, without exception.  

All dates and times of the Term shall be according to the Date and Time record keeping of Viessmann used to determine eligibility in its sole and absolute discretion.   Participation in the Promotion constitutes the absolute and unconditional acceptance of this provision by an Eligible Participant.

E-Gift Card Disbursement:  

To receive an E-Gift Card for Eligible Product during the Term of the Promotion :    

  1. An Eligible Participant must purchase an Eligible Product within the Promotion Term ;

  2. Eligible Participant, within the redemption Term, must navigate to : https://www.viessmann-us.com/en/promos/boost-your-earnings-2024.html, or scan the QR code located on the final page of these Terms and enter in all required information fields.    


Eligible Participant must provide:  

a. Eligible Participant contact information as required by the submission form, including, but not limited to, the Eligible Participant’s Email Address which is required to receive the E-Gift Card disbursement (see below section titled “E-Gift Card Disbursement Amount and Format)”;

b. Model and serial number for each Eligible Product being submitted for E-Gift Card Disbursement;

c .Proof of Purchase dated between May 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024 for each Eligible Product being submitted for E-Gift Card disbursement. Proof of Purchase is defined as a document (i.e. - invoice, etc.) that details an Eligible Product was purchased by and/or sold to the Eligible Participant during the Term of this Promotion. At a minimum the proof of purchase must detail: the type, quantity and kind of Eligible Product (i.e. the product model and/or part number), the date of the purchase or sale,   the company selling the Eligible Product to the Eligible Participant (i.e. the distributor or other dealer). Only Eligible Products with qualifying Proof of Purchase will be eligible for an E-Gift Card Disbursement;

d. Eligible Participant’s (contractor) mailing address (required to issue E-Gift Card) - mailing address must include the following:  

i. Eligible Participant’s legal Business Name

ii. Street number and address

iii. Suite number / secondary street address if applicable

iv. City/Town

v. State

vi. Zip code

A valid Email address (required for delivery of the E-Gift Card) ; the email provided should be a business email address and not a personal email address). Delivery of the E-Gift Card disbursement amount is not possible without a valid email address.  

All required information above must be provided, including any supplemental or clarifying information requested by Viessmann to facilitate the E-Gift Card Disbursement process.

Eligible Participant must also provide the sixteen (16) digit serial number for each Eligible Product request to Viessmann for E-Gift Card Disbursement payments.

3. Viessmann expressly   disclaims any responsibility or liability whatsoever for delays or errors or lack of processing due to incorrect report transmission, or inaccurate report information. Viessmann is not responsible for any delay in E-Gift Card disbursement, or invalidated requests for E-Gift Card disbursement as a result of impartial, incomplete, inaccurate, unclear, erroneous information supplied to Viessmann in conjunction with any request for E-Gift Card disbursement.  

4. Viessmann reserves the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to reject any request for E-Gift Card Disbursement, in whole or in part, that is incomplete, inaccurate, impartial, unclear, that Viessmann has reason to believe may be fraudulent, or submitted after the specified timeline stated in section “Term”.


E-Gift Card Disbursement Amount and Format

The following E-Gift Card amounts will be disbursed,expressed in USD, in accordance with these Terms, for each Eligible Product bearing a unique serial number submitted upon a valid and E-Gift Card Disbursement request:  

Model E-Gift Card Disbursement Amount per unit

Vitodens 100 B1HE / B1KE $300.00

Vitodens 200 B2HE $300.00

Vitodens 222-F $300.00

Vitocrossal 300 CU3A $300.00

Vitorond 100 VR1 $300.00

Vitocell 300 EVIB/EVBB $100.00

The format of the E-Gift Card disbursement amount will in all instances be in the form of an Amazon® E-Gift Card that will be delivered to the Eligible Participant’s Email supplied to Viessmann as noted in section “E-Gift Card Disbursement” above.   Only Eligible Product (subject to all other Terms herein) shall qualify for an E-Gift Card Disbursement under this Promotion.  

E-Gift Card Disbursements are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any cash or any other form of compensation whatsoever.  

Viessmann reserves the right to modify any provision of the Promotion (including but not limited to the Term of the Promotion) or cancel the Promotion at any time, including prior to the full conclusion of the Term, with or without notice,   due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond its control, or for, in its sole and absolute discretion and authority, for business considerations it deems appropriate and valid.   See section “Limitations and Restrictions” for additional information.  


E-Gift Card Approval and Disbursement

Subject to the provisions detailed in sections “Eligibility” and “E-Gift Card Disbursement”, Viessmann will review and evaluate all submissions for E-Gift Card Disbursement for compliance with the Terms of this Promotion.    

Approved submissions for E-Gift Card disbursement will be processed within a reasonable time frame, but no less than monthly during the Term of the Promotion.  

Viessmann reserves the right to deny or revoke any submission or request for E-Gift Card disbursement if it it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the participant has violated these Terms, has engaged in fraudulent activity, activity intended to interfere with the administration of of this Promotion, or activity intended to misrepresent any submitted, or requested, information to or by Viessmann respectively.  


Limitations and Restrictions

PROMOTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ELIGIBLE PRODUCT PURCHASED IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY.   Eligible Product purchased anywhere other than the State of New Jersey are ineligible for E-Gift Card Disbursement under the Terms of this Promotion.  

Only one E-Gift Card Disbursement per Eligible Product purchased during the Promotion Term is allowed. The Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or discount on offer to the Eligible Participant unless expressly stated by Viessmann. Eligible Product and therefore E-Gift Card disbursement are subject to availability and E-Gift Card disbursements are provided on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocated funds are exhausted or the Promotion Term expires, whichever occurs first. Viessmann is not responsible for lost, delayed, or misdirected submissions or requests for E-Gift Card disbursement.  




Privacy Policy

By participating in the Promotion, you agree to Viessmann’s collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described in  Viessmann’s Privacy Policy.   Personal information submitted in accordance with this Promotion will be used exclusively for the purpose of administering the Promotion, evaluating wholesaler reports, and communicating with you regarding the Promotion.  


Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Viessmann shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with your participation in the Promotion or the receipt, use, or misuse of any information submitted by you in accordance with these Terms, or the receipt, use, or misuse of any E-Gift card.   Viessmann does not guarantee the availability, quantity, or performance of any Eligible Product, or other goods and/or services associated directly, or indirectly, with the Promotion.  


Viessmann limits the number of potential E-Gift Card disbursements per individual Eligible Product to a total of one (1), in accordance with these Terms. Under no circumstances will Viessmann issue an E-Gift Card Disbursement for any individual Eligible Product (verified by serial number) that has already had an E-Gift Card disbursement issued in accordance with the Terms of this Promotion.   Viessmann is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages as a result of the fraudulent or unlawful actions of third parties in connection with this Promotion including, but not limited to, liability to pay any E-Gift Card Disbursement request to an Eligible Participant may qualify for but that Viessmann has previously issued an E-Gift Card disbursement for, acting in good faith, as a result of a third party’s misrepresentation, fraud, or other unlawful actions with regard to this Promotion.  


By participating in this promotion, the Eligible Participant acknowledges and accepts that the Eligible Participant is solely responsible for satisfying any applicable federal, state, and local tax obligations in connection with any proceed of this Promotion.  


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Rhode Island. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal and State courts of Rhode Island.   Eligible Participant(s), by participating in the Promotion, hereby waive any objections (including for hardship) with regards to the venue or body of law that shall govern in the event of a dispute arising out of, or in connection with, these Terms. BOTH VIESSMANN AND ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANT WAIVE TRIAL BY JURY WITH RESPECT TO ANY SUIT, CLAIM, OR ACTION ARISING OUT OF, OR CONCERNING, THIS PROMOTION.  



Viessmann reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, without prior notice, by posting the updated Terms on its website or through other means of communication it deems sufficient.   Your participation in the Promotion after the posting of the updated Terms, if any, constitutes your unequivocal and absolute acceptance of the modified Terms.  

By participating in the Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.  





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