New Warranty & Tech Support Updates

Introducing our new technical support service and pre-approved warranty claim number process.

Pre-Approved Warranty Claim Number is Now Available

We’ve heard your feedback; RGA surveys indicated that our customers feel the process of getting credits is too time consuming. We have therefore established a new procedure designed to eliminate paperwork on the wholesaler's side, so that contractors will not have to wait for a credit and will receive a part sent, free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this change being made?
If we ship the part out at no charge to the contractor, the wholesaler does not have to fill out the traditional RGA form online to wait for credit. For small parts, this will clean-up an estimated 75% of the time spent filling-out a return form and waiting for a credit to pass onto the contractor.

Who do I contact?
Contact Tech Support to initiate a case. Please call 844-649-5886.

What info do I need to start a Tech case?
Please have the boiler serial number, model number, and the city and state where the unit is installed. This information is required.

How will Tech verify my warranty?
The Tech Department now requires product serial numbers when handling cases so that they will know if a product is within the warranty period. If Tech determines the part is not under warranty, you should order the part through your wholesaler as normal.

The part is under warranty. What is next?
The Tech Department will create an RGA number for you and discuss your shipping options, or you can choose to pick-up the part(s) at a local wholesaler using the Pre-Approved Warranty Claim number. 

What options do I have for shipping parts covered by my pre-approved warranty?
Viessmann US can send part(s) via UPS at no charge to you or your customer’s location, or you may pick-up parts at Viessmann’s Warwick, RI location.

What if I want to get the part(s) from my local wholesaler?
If you would rather go to your local wholesaler to pick-up the part, notify them of the pre-approved warranty number provided by the Viessmann Tech Department. This will allow them to get their credit right away. Please be advised that this process mirrors the normal RGA process; however, the credit is expedited to 3-5 days. 

What time do I have to call by to have my part shipped the same day?
2:00pm EST during business days/hours. If we request the part after 2:00pm, it will ship the next business day.

How can I track my free warranty part shipment?
Please contact Erica Bolanos via phone at 401-681-4082 or email at Have your RGA number ready, so we can track the part(s).

Introducing Text-A-Tech

In 2019, Viessmann US collected customer feedback regarding improving the efficiency of tech support calls. The number one feature requested by contractors was the capability to send text messages to the Tech Line. In response to this overwhelming feedback, Viessmann’s Tech Line is transitioning to entirely text-based case initiation. This new texting feature for the Tech Line greatly reduces the wait time to talk to a live technical support agent. Our goal is to allow contractors to speak to an agent within 15 minutes of initiating a case.

How to use the Text-A-Tech feature

For help servicing a unit, call or text the Tech Line at 844-649-5886. Please make sure you include the boiler model number, the boiler serial number, and the city and state of the installation. This is required to create a case. Once this information is received, the next available technician will call to assist you.

You will get a confirmation that your text message was received; if you do not receive a confirmation, please send another text. Limited reception/mobile service in your location (including basement job sites) may affect the deliverability of the text. Once you send the required information to 844-649-5886, you should receive a confirmation text within 30 seconds. Please wait at least 1 minute before resending the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I call tech support, can I still leave a voicemail?
Voicemail is no longer available during business hours. During the Tech Line’s normal operating hours, callers may choose to either remain in the phone queue or hang-up and initiate a case by sending a text message to 844-649-5886.

What if I am working on a 20 year old unit and cannot find a serial number?
Some legacy equipment is exempt from this requirement, and this will be decided when handling the case. While legacy units may be exempt from requiring a serial number to create a case, always try to have the required information handy.

I am working on a unit on a holiday. Can I still call?
You may call the Tech Line on weekends and holidays, but you will be required to leave a voicemail. Your voicemail will be handled on the next Viessmann business day.

I called the old number for Tech and it did not work?
Please delete the old phone number from your records. The only currently operable Tech Line number is: 844-649-5886. This phone number should be used for both text and voice calls.

How can we help?
How can we help?