Vitocrossal Series

Vitocrossal Gas Boilers: Powerful & Efficient

Advanced condensing technology makes our Vitocrossal gas-fired condensing boilers an effective and economical heating solution for many different applications.

The perfect boiler for every application

Featuring both residential and commercial solutions, the Vitocrossal family offers superior performance and reliability. With the wide range of gas condensing boilers in the Vitocrossal family, you’re sure to find one that’s ideally suited to your system requirements.  

All of our boilers have been designed with smart technology in mind, helping you save money and control your comfort from wherever you happen to be.

What distinguishes Vitocrossal gas condensing boilers?

The products in the Vitocrossal product range provide condensing technology in a wide range of applications. All Vitocrossal models are able to achieve high efficiency, up to 98 percent (AFUE). High-quality components, including the stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger are the key to this. The Inox-Crossal is arranged vertically, allowing it to intensively condense the energy remaining in the flue gases. In addition, there is a permanent self-cleaning effect due to the smooth stainless steel surface. This in turn ensures efficiency, but also increases the service life and reduces maintenance, as there is less wear due to clogging.

An equally important component is the MatriX burner in the Vitocrossal condensing boilers. It operates in modulating mode, whereby the boiler automatically adjusts to the required heat output. This happens continuously and without the burner having to be switched on or off all the time. As a result, less cycling is required. This in turn reduces wear and tear, reducing maintenance and servicing requirements. The MatriX burners are fundamentally economical, low-noise and environmentally friendly.

How can we help?
How can we help?