Completed Safety Inspection Notice
Vitodens 200, B2HB Series (models 45 and 57)

Dear Viessmann customers: We are pleased to announce that the Vitodens 200, B2HB-45 / B2HB-57 Safety Inspection Program has been completed. In keeping with exacting Viessmann standards of safety, quality and performance, all units that were affected in the United States have been inspected, reworked or replaced as necessary. There have been no reports of personal injury or property damage in connection with the products, a testament to the inherent safety of the vessel, burner and controls. I would like to thank all that have been affected by this program for your cooperation and patience. It is of utmost importance to Viessmann to keep our customers safe and satisfied. Kind regards, Michael Luz President and Chief Executive Officer Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc.

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