Minimizing the Risk of Legionella Infection in Building-Wide DHW Systems

Since its discovery in the late 1970's, Legionnaires' Disease has been a constant challenge in large-scale shared living spaces. Thanks to decades of dedicated research, scientists and engineers have discovered the cause and treatment of this dangerous illness as well as prevention measures. This white paper outlines these methods, while exploring how the disease was discovered, and challenges presented in inhibiting growth and avoiding infection.


Joukowsky Effect in Positive Pressure Vent Systems

The Joukowsky Effect is a low pressure phenomenon which may occur in the exhaust system of large commercial appliance installations in single or common vented systems when certain conditions occur. In this white paper, discover how this potentially catastrophic phenomenon can happen, and how to prevent it from effecting your system.


Commercial Products for LEED Building Design and Construction

Sustainable building design has become a focal point in communities all around the world. The LEED Green Building Rating System was created to set a standard in eco-friendly design and construction. This white paper will help guide you through the LEED certification system, and explain how particular products available on the market have the potential to help meet these criteria.