Become a ViPRO

As a Viessmann PROfessional Contractor you grow your business and reap greater rewards. Membership in the program is FREE to qualified and eligible mechanical contractors.

The Viessmann ViPRO Program

The Viessmann ViPRO Program is an exclusive program dedicated to supporting Viessmann’s best trained and most experienced mechanical contractors in the US for their loyalty. Viessmann invites qualified mechanical contractors who are passionate about selling, installing and servicing Viessmann equipment to become ViPROs and join this exclusive business-building national program from Viessmann. Membership in the ViPRO Program is FREE to qualified and eligible mechanical contractors.


The ViPRO Program features

The following features are exclusively available for all members of the Viessmann Professional Contractor Program

Exclusive Promotions

For eligible ViPRO contractors

ViPRO Training

From Viessmann US Academy

Viessmann’s Contractor Locator

Receive leads from Viessmann

ViPRO Extended Warranty

Purchase extended warranties for your customers

Exclusive ViPRO logo

Advertise your expertise

And More...

New benefits to come!

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How can we help?