Brand values

Back in 1966, we expressed our values in the form of our company principles. These principles - carefully updated - remain central to our corporate identity. As a whole, these values provide an insight into the character of our brand. In detail, they describe the spirit, atmosphere and conduct that characterize our culture, as well as the specific expectations of achievement that arise from it.



We are technological trailblazers and a pacesetter in our sector. We continue to develop exceptional products and solutions, which go on to become milestones of technology. Customer needs are the focus of our actions. We fully intend to continue to shape technological progress in the future.


Top quality

We offer top quality and strive for perfection in all areas of our business. Our actions are guided by the motto: "Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved." Our products are easy to operate, durable, future-proof and meet our customers' requirements.


Comprehensive range

We offer individual system solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of our international markets, for every type of fuel and every application involving heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, as well as an extensive range of services. We ensure that our product range is relevant to the market by having the right partnerships.



We work with lean structures and processes and strive for the highest possible efficiency with materials, labour and energy. This ensures not only the efficiency of our actions, but also conserves limited natural resources.



We are committed to fulfilling our economic, ecological and social responsibilities. We ensure all our processes are environmentally compatible and encourage the use of renewable forms of energy. Our products save energy and protect the environment. Our aim is to protect the climate and to preserve the natural basis of life. We participate in the scientific, artistic and cultural life of our society.



We are an independent family business and a reliable business partner. We cooperate with our customers and suppliers in true partnership and fairness, pursuing the goal of mutual success. We value people in our company, and our communications are open and trusting. Our employees are offered good opportunities for professional development.



Our method of working is characterized by flexibility, collaboration across departments, non-hierarchical communications and fact-based decision-making processes. Creativity and swiftness, as well as the resulting innovation potential, are continually encouraged, while the necessary stability, reliability and scalability are maintained.



Our employees are entrepreneurs within the company and develop new business models based on shared experience. Our actions are guided by individual responsibility and a decision-making orientation. It is our aim to offer a fulfilling working environment with the opportunity for personal development.