Creating a smarter home with Viessmann One Base

With smart homes on the rise, there is a certain level of connectivity that we have all come to expect. Long gone are the days of anxiously anticipating what awaits when you arrive at home. Learn about how Viessmann is raising the bar on comfort with One Base.

Being able to control your environment provides a sense of security and peace of mind that is becoming a new way of life. Adding WiFi connectivity and integrating smart home solutions, provides more control and convenience for ultimate reassurance.

Smart features not only offer peace of mind, they can save time and money, and reduce your home’s overall environmental impact.

The new Viessmann One Base platform bundles your devices and electronic applications into a single climate and energy solution for your home. Its two applications – ViGuide and ViCare, assist the homeowner and service provider in keeping your Viessmann products working at peak capacity. Troubleshooting, monitoring, and tuning are all digitally aligned to offer game changing innovation. Read on for more information about the benefits these solutions can have for you.



The best way for contractors to commission and monitor Viessmann products* simply, quickly and safely. ViGuide ensures that all necessary steps to get your new boiler going are carried out completely, and in the right order by your contractor. Upon commissioning, a report is generated that can then be shared to help inform what current system settings are and how to best adjust in the future.

ViGuide’s online service can be used by contractors to remotely monitor heating systems from afar. This enables them to process service calls more quickly and efficiently for the most pleasant service experience possible.


Convenience at your fingertips. Virtual connectivity has created a much more efficient home, helping you make intelligent decisions when it comes to home energy consumption. ViCare makes operating your Viessmann boiler easy and intiuitive – no mattter where you are.

Viessmann boilers like the Vitodens 100-W, Vitodens 200-W and Vitocrossal 200, CI2 are equipped with WiFi, allowing them to connect virtually to the ViCare application providing instant feedback and alerts about changes in the status of your Viessmann boiler.

The built-in wizard assists in easy monitoring and programming, including setting daily schedules and desired temperature in up to three circuits in your home. You can also see potential energy savings depending on your specific conditions.

The ViCare app offers homeowners the perfect solution for those looking to maintain a certain level of energy efficiency while also enjoying the comforts of a warm home using the geofencing function. Using the GPS data from your smartphone, the system can easily recognize when you are approaching the home location and will automatically heat the rooms to desired temperature awaiting your arrival.

With the One Base platform, you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and stay on top of your costs at all times. As you can see, Viessmann’s One Base provides unprecedented safety and support in maintaining the health of your heating system when you grant your heating professional access to remote monitoring.

*Please note that functions available in ViCare are dependent on the functions available on the boiler itself.

The ViCare and ViGuide apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Download Apple iOS version (App Store)

Download Android version (Google Play)


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