New Product Announcement - Viessmann Vitosol 200-T, SPE 9-Tubes and 18-Tubes

New Product Annoucement

Adding to Viessmann’s lineup of Vitosol solar products is the SRCC Certified Vitosol 200-T SPE vacuum tube collector. The Vitosol 200-T, SPE is available in 9-tube and 18-tube versions for varying solar water heating applications. Using the heat pipe design and a durable thermo compression glass to metal seal, this new vacuum tube model is built to withstand decades of operation. Flexible mounting options allow for numerous installation possibilities, from residential homes to small or large commercial systems. Key features include: Large 4” diameter tubes with impact-resistant solar glass, and “dry connections” that allow individual tubes to be removed easily without draining the system. 


  • Model names: SPE 1.63m2 (9 tube) and SPE 3.26m2 (18 tube).
  • Part numbers: SK03558 (9 tube) and SK03559 (18 tube).
  • 4” diameter tubes with up to 45° rotation allow for optimum alignment with the sun.
  • Dry connection allows tube fitting and removal while system is fully charged and operational.
  • Flexible installation options allow for vertical mounting on sloped roofs, flat roofs, or ground mounts and horizontal mounting on sloped roofs or flat roofs.
  • Large arrays up to 215 ft2 (108 tubes).
  • Easy installation using Viessmann quick assembly and connection kits.


Warwick, RI, June 2015