COVID-19 Viessmann US - Academy Guidelines

Viessmann’s primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of its customers and employees during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.


Viessmann’s primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of its customers and employees during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to supporting our customers through this difficult time. The purpose of this is to provide guidance for this stage of the pandemic for all. The continued goal is the safety of our employees, customers, and business partners as well as doing our part to stop the spread of the virus.

Information shared in this document is subject to change at any time based upon the changing requirements of the business or changes in federal, state, or municipal government guidelines and mandates.

Effective May 23rd, 2022:

A new system of instruction is being implemented to make it easy to identify what Viessmann requires with changing community transmission levels.  

Weekly, each Friday, the RIDOH Response Data is updated, including the status of the county the Headquarters is located in (Kent County).  RIDOH uses a Green/Yellow/Red color status system with respective guidelines.   Signs on the building entrances will be placed indicating what "level" Kent County is for that particular week. 

The levels are as follows:

Green (Low): No Masks required regardless of vaccination status. 

Yellow (Medium): High risk individuals should follow doctor recommendations and unvaccinated individuals should mask per CDC guidelines.

Red (High): All individuals, regardless of vaccination status should be masked in the office.  

Changes will be communicated to the staff only if a change is made between levels via email from Human Resources. In addition, signage will be at the front, side and back entrance, clearly stating what level we are currently at, and what it means.

The Academy’s guidelines will adjust to align with this policy. 

For Everyone: Should anyone still wish to mask you are welcome to do so (there will also be masks still available should anyone need one).

*For those that are fully vaccinated:

  • You may attend an Academy Class or visit the office without a mask effective February 15th, 2022. [Proof of vaccination status will be required at the door.]
  • You are always free to continue masking should you wish to do so.

*For those that are not vaccinated:

  • You still need to wear a mask and physically distance yourself from others when in the building.
  • Please mask before entering the building and continue to wear the mask for the duration of the time in the building (except during meal breaks where applicable). Masks must be worn covering both the nose and mouth.


Acceptable form of proof of vaccination: 

Full Vaccination: Viessmann will accept a digital copy of the original CDC vaccination card with a name that corresponds to the event attendee / registrant.  All fields on the vaccination card must be filled out in order for the vaccination to be accepted.

*For those individuals who cannot, or do not wish to adhere to these policies, Viessmann will make best efforts to offer a virtually equivalent training or event instead. Please contact the Viessmann Academy or your Salesperson if this is your preference.

Please Note: If you do not show proof of vaccination at the door you will be required to wear a mask before entering the building and throughout your visit.  

Masks must be worn covering both the nose and mouth.


Until further notice, there will be no warehouse tours for customers for the continued health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners.

  • If you arrive for your class and do not have a mask but need one, there will disposable masks available near the entrance door
  • Masks must be worn so that both nose and mouth are covered while worn ; please contact the Academy Manager, Miranda Gettling, at or 401-256-7474 if you have a specific reason that makes compliance impossible.
  • While outside, employees do not need to wear a mask
  • While attending an Academy course, we ask that you remain upstairs on the second floor to help keep you and our employees safe
  • In addition:
  • Please follow all federal government mandates
  • Please check and follow applicable local government guidelines and mandates


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Should you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the Academy Manager, Miranda Gettling, ( or 401-256-7474) and we will be happy to assist you.