The Viessmann Vitomobile is a live-fire mobile training unit that’s equipped with several popular condensing boilers and delivers the industry’s leading training to heating contractors, mechanical engineers and other trade professionals around the USA. The Vitomobile features the new Vitodens 100 B1KA-35 combi, Vitodens 200 B2HA-45, Vitodens 222 B2TA -19 and the compact floor standing Vitocrossal 300 CU3A.

The Vitomobile offers high quality certification caliber, best-in-class training and instruction from Viessmann’s expert staff and is free to trade professionals.

To learn more about Vitomobile training or to reserve a Vitomobile training session at your facility, contact your local Viessmann sales rep.

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Upcoming Vitomobile events

To find out when the Vitomobile will be near you, please contact your local Viessmann Sales Rep