Vitotronic Vitotronic

Digital boiler controls for hot water heating systems with one or more heating circuits.


Intelligent energy management, comfort and convenience

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Economical energy management requires a clever mind: Vitotronic is a new generation of smart controls that think along - from installation to operation, from maintenance to service.

Vitotronic 200 and 300 controls meet every heating system need, from basic to sophisticated. Personalized home comfort and energy savings are yours at the push of a button.

Vitotronic 200

An indoor/outdoor weather-responsive boiler control unit for heating systems with one direct-connected heating circuit or, as an option, with an integrated heating circuit control unit for an additional heating circuit with a mixing valve.

Vitotronic 300

The same range of functions as the Vitotronic 200 available for controlling one heating circuit without, and two additional heating circuits with mixing valves. 

The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy and uniform operation:
    • Different programming levels for system users and heating contractors
    • Large display format with simple language provides for easy understanding of all data
    • Illuminated operating mode switches and heating circuit buttons
    • Switching times easy to set
    • Digital time switch with day and week feature. If heating program is changed, times preset for domestic hot water heating will be adjusted accordingly
    • Automatic sensor/system recognition for fast installation and easy start-up
    • Automatic resetting to daylight savings time
    • Service interval display for demand-related maintenance
    • Fuel consumption display

  • Program selection for controlled drying of concrete floor in radiant floor heating application.

  • Fast installation time, start-up and service due to Rast 5-connector system, plug-in function modules and integrated diagnostic system.

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